The Mercenary is used in the Leadership profession.

Mercenaries can be obtained in the following ways:

The task "Hire Your First Mercenary" is performed at the start of the Leadership profession, and grants you one Mercenary. This task takes five seconds the complete, and is non-repeatable. 

At Leadership Level 3, the task "Hire a Mercenary" will become available This task takes 18 hours to complete and  grants you 1 Mercenary asset and 40 leadership experience "Hire a Mercenary" requires no other Leadership asset in your inventory to start, consumes no resources, and is repeatable. There is no limit to the number of Mercenaries you can create with this task (other than available space in your Professions inventory), and they can be traded or sold to other characters.

At Leadership Level 7, you can train a Guard. The guard training task requires four Mercenary units and lasts 18 hours. This task grants one Guard, 80 leadership experience points, and consumes the four Mercenaries used to create the single Guard upgrade unit. This task is repeatable as long as you meet the 4 available Mercenary criteria.

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