Many-Arrows Overseer
Orc Eye of Gruumsh
"The purple makes me more frightening, don't you think?"
Vital Statistics
Type Elite
Role Controller
Gender Male
Race Orc
Faction Many-Arrows Tribe
Level 12
Location Tower District

The Many-Arrows Overseer are elite melee controllers that is only encountered during the quest Stand Your Ground. They have the same appearance and powers as a standard Eye of Gruumsh.


Melee Attack
At-Will, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   80-90, Physical
A quick spear thrust.

Encounter, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   160-175, Physical
Deploy Time:   1 Second
Cooldown Time:   6 Seconds
Effect:   Knockback, 5'
His spear flashes red followed by a lunge.

Chaos Hammer
Encounter, Targeted AoE Attack, All Enemies
Size:   10'
Damage:   160-175, Physical
Deploy Time:   1.5 Second
Cooldown Time:   10 Seconds
Effect:   Prone
Holding up his totem, he calling down a bolt of red lightning knocking you and your allies to the ground.

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