Many-Arrows Camp
Many-Arrows Camp
Many-Arrows Camp
Map Many-Arrows Camp
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Vital statistics
Type Neighborhood
Level NA
Location Tower District
Inhabitants Drudge, Axe Thrower, Beastmaster, Orc Wolf, Battletested Orc, Eye of Gruumsh, Eye of Gruumsh Warder, Savage

The Many-Arrows Camp in thesoutheastern section of the Tower District is the home of the Many-Arrows orcs. This area has more elite orcs and fewer minions and so can be challenging for new players.

Getting ThereEdit

This area is reached by first travelling to the Tower District zone and then following the Northern wall East to the Neverwinter Guard Post then following the Eastern wall South through a large crack. It is past the Neverwinter Guard Spy Post and encompasses the rest of the area outside the wall delineating the boundary to the Orc Barracks.

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