M'Tari Prin'Tal
M'Tari Prin'Tal - Profession Supplies
Vital Statistics
Title Profession Supplies Merchant
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Enclave
Status Alive
Location Protector's Enclave

M'Tari_Prin'Tal is the NPC profession supples merchant at the Seven Suns Coster Market in Protector's Enclave. She exchanges various items required for the completions of profession tasks for gold.


She plays a part in the following quests:



  • 30Copper small icon - Charcoal
  • 30Copper small icon - Rock Salt
  • 30Copper small icon - Spool of Thread
  • 30Copper small icon - Porridge
  • 20Copper small icon - Solvent
  • 1Silver small icon - Brimstone
  • 5Silver small icon - Coal
  • 5Silver small icon - Moonsea Salt
  • 5Silver small icon - Quicksilver
  • 5Silver small icon - Spool of Silk Thread


  • 15Silver small icon - Worn Crucible
  • 15Silver small icon - Worn Hammer
  • 15Silver small icon - Worn Shears
  • 50Silver small icon - Worn Anvil
  • 50Silver small icon - Worn Infantry Weapon
  • 50Silver small icon - Worn Awl
  • 50Silver small icon - Worn Mortar
  • 50Silver small icon - Worn Chisel
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Bellows
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Needle
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Philosopher's Stone
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Swivel Knife
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Tongs
  • 1Gold small icon - Worn Infantry Armor

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