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Lost Dispatch
Start Sergeant Creed
End Captain Janros
Level 10
Location Tower District
Experience 627
Rewards 1Silver small icon 92Copper small icon
Saving the Guards
Ending the Torture
Sewer Crawl

The couriers carrying dispatches never arrived. Sergeant Creed wants you to recover the documents they were conveying and take them to Captain Janros before the Many-Arrows discover their value.


  • Recover the Lost Dispatch from a courier bag around Pedlars Path, the area between the Fallen Tower Tavern and Merchant Square, and take it to Captain Janros at the Neverwinter Guard Post.


Sergeant Creed
Before we secured the road between the Fallen Tower Tavern and Neverwinter Guard Post the journey was treacherous. We tried sending dispatches through Pedlars Path by courier but they never arrived.

We fear the couriers are dead but the information they carried is still valuable. Recover a lost dispatch from a courier bag around Pedlars Path and bring it to Captain Janros at the Neverwinter Guard Post.


  • Recover Lost Dispatch from Courier Bag
  • Deliver Lost Dispatch to Captain Janros at Neverwinter Guard Post


Captain Janros
Well done, <name>! Those dispatches contained important information. It's a good thing the orcs were more concerned with waylaying our people for treasure than they were with these papers.


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