Location Scouting
Start Brandy Quickstep
End Brandy Quickstep
Prerequisites Halfling
Level 5
Location The Tatters, Blacklake District
Experience 160
Rewards 55Copper small icon
Worth our While

Tarley Bluebell has sent you a letter requesting you assist his associate, Brandy Quickstep, in finding suitable housing for Halflings in the Blacklake District.


  • Scout Brimbleton Place, Thatcher Road, and Chadwick Stoop in the Tatters area of Blacklake District.


Brandy Quickstep
You must be the help Tarley promised me! My job out here is to find us some property suitable for halfling habitation.

I know things have taken a turn for the worse here in Blacklake, but we halflings are hardy. All we need is the land to build on and we could make some fine changes around here.

I've heard that there are three promising houses on sale in the Blacklake District, though it's a bit dangerous at the moment to inspect them. Would you mind finding Brimbleton Place, Thatcher Road and Chadwick Stoop and reporting back on their state of repair?


  • Scout Brimbleton Place
  • Scout Thatcher Road
  • Scout Chadwick Stoop
  • Return to Brandy Quickstep


Brandy Quickstep
What's that? The entire district is mired in that blasted slime? This won't do at all!


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