Lakefront Property
Start Zoey Fargo
Prerequisites Close to the Crown
Level 8
Location Lakeside, Blacklake District
Experience 440
Rewards 1Silver small icon 38Copper small icon

Karzov has fled to their headquarters, and you need a distraction to keep his backup busy while you track him down.


  • Burn Nasher Supply Crates by the lake.


Zoey Fargo
You're going to need a distraction to keep the Nashers off your back while you're going after Karzov, and I think I know just the thing. The Nashers have been smuggling supplies across the lake, supplies they need for their "revolution." Set some of those supplies on fire on your way to Nasher Headquarters. That should keep them plenty busy.


  • Burn Nasher Supply Crates (5/5)


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