Keymaster Tharg
Keymaster Tharg
"Hey! I'm just big boned!"
Vital Statistics
Type Champion
Role Controller
Gender Male
Race Orc
Faction Many-Arrows
Level 14
Location Merchant Guild Hall (Instance)

Keymaster Tharg is a champion controller encountered in the Merchant Guild Hall.


Keymaster Tharg has the same powers as the Eye of Gruumsh. Of their three powers, two do good damage and control. They prefer to open with the Chaos Hammer to knock you down then use Spear while you are recovering.

Melee Attack
At-Will, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   80-90, Physical
A quick spear thrust.

Encounter, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   160-175, Physical
Deploy Time:   1 Second
Cooldown Time:   6 Seconds
Effect:   Knockback, 5'
His spear flashes red followed by a lunge.

Chaos Hammer
Encounter, Targeted AoE Attack, All Enemies
Size:   10'
Damage:   160-175, Physical
Deploy Time:   1.5 Second
Cooldown Time:   10 Seconds
Effect:   Prone
Holding up his totem, he calling down a bolt of red lightning knocking you and your allies to the ground.

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