I know hipsters who would kill for this beard!
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Role Brute
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Nashers
Level 9
Location Nasher Headquarters (Instance)

Karzov is the boss encountered at the climax of the quest Cornering Karzov that takes place at the Nasher Headquarters in Blacklake District. He is the second in command of the Nashers behind Arlon Bladeshaper, and is a brutal warrior.


Karzov is a pretty challenging boss for this point in the game. His Backhand attack is pretty strong it is used pretty frequently. But after half health he gains the Spinning Strike power and he becomes really dangerous. The quickness of the strikes during this power will devastate you. The best action is to run away while he is using this power. He also calls two Recruits three times during the fight.

Melee Attack
At-Will, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   35-40, Physical

Encounter, Targeted AoE Attack, All Enemies
Size:   10'
Damage:   140-160, Physical
Deploy Time:   2 Seconds
Cooldown Time:   15 Seconds
He halts and pulls back his arm while preparing for the strike.

Spinning Strike
Encounter, Point Blank AoE Frenzy Attack, All Enemies
Size:   10'
Damage:   50-60, Physical
Duration:   8 Seconds
Deploy Time:   1 Second
Cooldown Time:   20 Seconds
Effect:   Slow (Self)
After half health Karzov gains the power to spin and rapidly attack. During the use of this power he is spinning with his blade out.

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