Karr Nevrim
Karr Nevrim
BYOSS Fight (Bring your own sword and shield)
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Role Brute
Gender Male
Race Half-Orc
Faction Nashers
Level 13
Location Merchant Square Sewers (Instance)

Karr Nevrim is the boss encountered at the climax of the quest Sewer Crawl that takes place in the Merchant Square Sewers in the Tower District. He is an upcoming leader after Karzov is defeated in the Blacklake District.

Among other items, he will drop Marauder's Armor.


Karr Nevrim's powers are the same as the normal Enforcer powers and focus on massive melee damage. Twice during the boss fight he will also summon two Snipers and two Recruits.

Melee Attack
At-Will, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   30-50, Physical

Encounter, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   80-100, Physical
Cooldown Time:   10 Seconds

Shield Bash
Encounter, Melee Attack, All Enemies
Damage:   80-100, Physical
Deploy Time:   2 Seconds
Effect:   Knockback, 20'

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