Items are objects in the game that can be acquired by a character and stored in the inventory. Some items can be equipped to a character—these are called equipment. Other items can be used to restore hit points, fulfill quest objectives, or obtain mounts.

Picture Item What it does
Minor health potion Heals 1000 HP
Small health potion Heals 2000 HP
Health potion heals 3000 HP
Hidden pouch Holds a random item of your level with the exception of weapons and armor
Coin of transcendence? Has 6 different possible effects that increase effectiveness with level: Health regen, power, charisma, health, and speed. can be used infinitely with a 10-minute cooldown
Bow Used for the Hunter/Ranger class
Sword used for the guardian fighter class
Dagger Used for the trickster/rogue class
Greatsword Used for the Great fighter class
orbs used for control wizard class
Helmet Used to defend
armor Used to defend
Gauntlets Used to defend
shoes Used to defend
Neck Gives stat bonuses
Offhand Gives bonus depending on class

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