Into the Tower
Start Assistant Lugan
End Assistant Lugan
Prerequisites Control Wizard
Level 10
Location Tower District, Fallen Tower Tavern
Experience 171
Rewards 52Copper small icon
A Cantrip Trip

Assistant Lugan sent you a letter requesting some assistance with research into the effects of the Spellplauge in the Tower District.


  • Speak to the Ghostly Archmage within the Fallen Tower.


Assistant Lugan
You might not know me, but I sent a letter by way of introduction. In any case, I'm glad you're here.

You see I am looking for an arcane caster to collaborate with on a research project. Specifically, the alterations in magic caused by the Spellplague. This district once housed Neverwinter's guild of magicians. I'm not quite sure where to start, however. As you can see there is something of an orc problem.

The top of the fallen tower appears to have a great deal of residual energy pouring out of it. But the damn orcs have blocked the path up there.


  • Climb the Fallen Tower and Investigate.
  • Leap into the Ruined Tower and Speak to the Ghostly Archmage.
  • Return to Assistant Lugan.


Curious Dwarf

1. Greetings, what brings you to the fallen tower?
I heard this Wizard's tower exploded spectacularly during the Spellplauge. The locals around here seem pretty used to the thing, but the blue fire still gives me the willies.

I accidentally fell down this hole once. Thought I was going to die! I didn't though. I landed on a pile of dust and bones and stood face to face with an old Archmage's ghostly form. Just about messed in me pants! The old ghost was pretty kind, though. As a matter of fact, he helped me get back out.

If you're looking to talk to the old ghost, you'll have to jump.

1. Fascinating... I might have to try that.
Archmage Ricven
Who approaches the Archmage Ricven? Is it time for me to pass into the Fugue Plane? Too long... too long...

1. Get me out of here!
Very well, mortal. I will save you from suffering the same fate as me...

1. Thank you, Archmage Ricven.

2. What happened?
You fell. You fell as many of my colleagues and I did long ago, down into the depths of the tower. We screamed and died as the Spellplague ripped our guild tower apart, leaving only shadows of our former selves.

But... it is not your time to die yet. I will help you leave this place.

1. I see.

3. Astounding, your mind is intact after all these years. Tell me, what was the Spellplague like?
A visitor! You wish to know about the spellplague? I could share my experience, but I do believe it would drive you mad...

What of your magic then? Can you tell me about the spellcraft that once was?

The magic I knew and the magic you now wield are very different. With the collapse of the weave, many who knew the old ways were driven mad. If you merely wish to observe the old methods, there may be a way.

Fragments of the weave remain in some places. I will show you a cantrip of the old ways, a simple spell we called Ghost Sound. I will mark on your map the places where you may still work its magic to some effect. Old spellbooks and other arcane relics may yet contain secrets of the past as well.

1. Thank you, I will study your techniques. Who knows, perhaps I will learn something new.

4. Fare thee well, Archmage.


Assistant Lugan
You found the ghost of Archmage Ricven?! And he taught you a spell over 200 years old?

We must study the effects of this lost magic!


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