Hunting the Relics
Start Kynorath Greybeard
End Kynorath Greybeard
Level 13
Location Tower District
Experience 79
Rewards 24Copper small icon

Kynorath Greybeard is holding an event to recover religious relics left in the Tower District from citizens fleeing the cataclysm.

This quest introduces the game's Event mechanic.


  • Participate in the Relic Hunt Contest. Search for Lost Relics around the Tower District, then claim your reward from Kynorath Greybeard at the Neverwinter Guard Post.


Kynorath Greybeard
The Tower District was once the center of commerce for Neverwinter. The merchants who lived here worshiped Waukeen, the goddess of wealth. Many merchants had private shrines to Waukeen with a golden cornucopia at the center to bless them with riches.

When the cataclysm struck Neverwinter, many of these relics were lost. They are an important part of the history of the city, and should be recovered. Help us reclaim these lost relics by participating in the Relic Hunt Event!


  • Participant in the Relic Hunt Contest
  • Return to Kynorath Greybeard butch


Kynorath Greybeard
Wonderful! I will ship these back to the Temple of Oghma for safe-keeping!

I will host another Relic Hunt soon, so please keep watching for them!

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