Nasher Rebal Hexer
"Heh, heh. FIRE! Heh, heh."
Vital Statistics
Type Standard
Role Controller
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Nashers
Level 6-8
Location Blacklake District

Hexers are elite ranged magic users found in many areas and first encountered in the Blacklake District.


They focus on ongoing zone fire damage and if you get within melee range, they use a defensive knockback AoE.

At-Will, Ranged Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   15-20, Force
Deploy Time:   1 Second
Indicated by the Hexer sweeping his staff along the ground.

Hexed Earth
Encounter, Targeted AoE Zone Attack, All Enemies
Damage:   15-20, Fire
Deploy Time:   2 Seconds
Zone Effect:   15-20 Fire Damage Every 2 Seconds

Capricious Earth
Encounter, PBAoE Attack, All Enemies
Damage:   50-90, Physical
Deploy Time:   2 Seconds
Effect:   Knockback, 20'

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