He Who Watches
Start Image of Dyrl Godsword
End Image of Dyrl Godsword
Prerequisites Devoted Cleric
Level 14
Location Tower District
Experience 425
Rewards 1Silver small icon 31Copper small icon
The Rage Mystic

Dyrl Godsword has been having visions of Gruumsh burning the city of Neverwinter. He thinks maybe you can help him stop it.


  • Locate and collect Gruumsh Idols in the Many-Arrows Camp in the Tower District.


Image of Dyrl Godsword
The spirits move through me, pious one. They show me a terrible beast whose rage cannot be contained. They show me a fire that burns across the ruins of the city of Neverwinter.

... These visions take a lot out of me. God of rage? That's Gruumsh, the father of orcs and lord of storms. Many-Arrows orcs are invading the Tower District. Perhaps among them is the fire that burns the city?

Bring me three Gruumsh idols. I'll confirm it's a Gruumsh worshiper the gods are mad about, and we'll decide what to do next. What do you say?


  • Collect Idols to Gruumsh (3/3)
  • Speak to an Image of Dyrl Godsword


Image of Dyrl Godsword
Well done. I will now commune with the gods and divine their intentions...


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