The Greycloaks guild, in it's current incarnation, was formed in the first hour of Open Beta.  Since that time, it has grown to one of the largest guilds in the game, spanning 3 *actual* guilds (the Greycloaks, Whitecloaks and Blackcloaks) and containing more than 400 players (based on @account deduping) and at times over 1000 characters.  We actively trim our rosters and maintain a very active playerbase.

Our guild site is located here:


Cloak members partake in every aspect of the game.  We have active dungeon delving groups that provide not only grind/farm activities but also training runs specific to help lower geared or newer players learn and thrive in the Epic dungeons (CM, MC and VT as of this writing).

In addition, we provide an active online community to exchange ideas and strategies, as well as set up DD runs:

Of course, there's much more to Neverwinter than the dungeons.  For that, we also provide support and expertise to members looking to create their own content.  The Greycloaks lay claim to a number of very active Foundry quests, and there are many members well versed in the use of the foundry tool and active in foundry author circles.

Most importantly, the cloaks play together.  We're an active guild, helpful and friendly.  If you're looking for a hardcore guild that does nothing but grind, you'll not find that in Cloaks, though there is plenty of that.  In the cloaks you'll find a very large group of friends that enjoying playing the game.

Membership RequirementsEdit

To join, you have but to ask.  You can apply on our website or PM any member that appears in the Guild Finder for an invite.

A few things to keep in mind though:

  1. If you are under level 60, you should join the Whitecloaks.  That is our training guild (of sorts).  The guild bank will generally have items in it under lvl 60 only, and the players active in that guild are either working on levelling or are there specifically to help you get levelled up.
  2. If you are level 60, you should join the Greycloaks.   There is generally never any items in the Greycloaks bank useful to non-endgame characters (with some exceptions), and Greycloaks members are very active in DD and GG runs.
  3. There are NO gear score restrictions for Greycloaks or Whitecloaks, however, to be invited to the Blackcloaks, you must meet some minimum requirements (See here:

If you apply via our website, we can send you an offline invitation if you provide your full character@account.  Applying online is not required, however, to recieve a promotion, you will have to apply for it on the website - part of the promotion process includes characters requesting it, the theory being that if you need it, you'll ask otherwise you don't.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout on our website or contact me (Sekhmet@kvetchus_) any Officer in-game.

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