Deep 13 is the name of the underground lab where the "Mads" in MST3K tormented the Satellite of Love. Level 13 is also where, traditionally pen & paper DMs threw in something odd.

 @theevildrf  (Talk)Blog 's guild was founded upon open beta release. Contact me via wikia or PW for recruitment. Closed guild for (some of) my friends. Based on my steam group of the same name. Guild renamed Special Dungeon Service for lack of interest in the name d33p 13.

Special Dungeon ServiceEdit


- TheEvilDrF - Exavieus the Bastard


- Inazuma

High OverseerEdit



- Endgamers - Marren, Braap, Jesyd@theevildrf, Itar Gloyshield, Mage Magnus


James Madeno, WesNyle, Zatala, Ezarion the Lone, Zaviex the Blind, Angerlove@onewayhighway

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