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I find it best to travel with my healer and equip my purple (substitute any companion you wish to dump experience into) when I turn in quests. I equip my striker companion on delves which include a cleric as healing should be provided by astral seals. My healer has long since reached her max so I'm not holding her back. On my alts I still do this.

Guild matesEdit

I have divided the statuses up into divisions of 20 levels. 0-20 being lowest. Next tier 20-40. Then 40-60. Then recruiters and founders. In my case there was only one founder and myself as leader (or tyrant).


I find that people are more content and therefore work best with few constraints which are enforced absolutely. Those who do not abide the few simple policies a less likely to work and play well with others. Those who do assimilate local custom as applies to the wiki they are currently on (one of mine) tend to enjoy unsupervised editing and greater accountability for the wiki's content.

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