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Graft - Harrow
Graft - Harrow
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Location The Dread Vault

Graft-Harrow is the first boss of the dungeon The Dread Vault. Graft-Harrow has 1 phase throughout the encounter


Vortex: Graft-Harrow becomes a vortex, pulling all players towards him, and then slams the ground, dealing moderate-high damage.

Slam: Performs a 2 sec cast swing which deals low-moderate damage.

Summon minions: Summons Mind flayer Scourge, Infiltrators and Ustilagors.

Phase 1:

Will begin using slam as his main ability, every 2-5 seconds. Will use Vortex every 15-20 seconds. Will summon minions and hounds every 60-90 seconds.

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