There are many pieces of lore in and around the Gauntlgrym.

Delzoun ExplorersEdit

Location: Approach the Delzoun Recruiter in the back of the Trade of Blades in Protector's Enclave

Delzoun Explorers

A society dedicated to restoring the city of Gauntlgrym to it's ancient glory, the Delzoun Explorers were founded by a scion of the Delzoun bloodline and a high-minded sage with a map. Declaring their intentions to occupy, excavate, and repopulate the lost city, they quickly developed bulging coffers and popular support.

Their rivals, the Luskan Corsairs, accuse the Delzoun Explorers of rigid bureaucracy. Admittedly, the leaders of the Explorers have imposed many rules and protocols for how Gauntlgrym is to be cataloged, but they claim their rules are in the best interest of historical accuracy.

Luskan CorsairsEdit

Location: Approach the Luskan Recruiter in the back of the Trade of Blades in Protector's Enclave.

Luskan Corsairs

The Luskan Corsairs describe themselves as enterprising individuals dedicated to the advancement of personal wealth. Hailing from (and not planning to return to) the fallen city of Luskan, the Corsairs know the way to lost Gauntlgrym, and intend to squeeze every last ancient coin out of the ruin.

Their rivals, the Delzoun Explorers, claim a right to restore the city to it's former glory, but the Corsairs point to their own heritage - that of the ancient human kingdom of Illusk, which helped to build Gauntlgrym - as rights enough to salvage and plunder.

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