Garrundar the Vile
Garrundar the Vile
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Race Dragon
Faction Enemy
Location Pirates' Stronghold

Basic InformationEdit

Skirmish Level: 44
Minimum Level to queue: 42
Maximum Level to queue: 45

This Skirmish is located in Pirates' Stronghold. There is no quest tied to it.


  • 2 bosses + adds


  • Lizardfolk
  • The Black Dragon, Garrundar the Vile
  • Mini-boss

Loot Edit

Random drops & copper from first waves.

Items most commonly found in skirmish chest:

  • Identify scroll(s).
  • 20 - 30 silver.

If ran during the Skirmish event, the above plus:

  • 1,000 Rough Astral Diamonds.

Strategy Edit

Garrundar is a hectic, yet ultimately straightforward fight.

1.) First and foremost, the adds must go down. Most importantly, the Mystics need to be burned down as quickly as possible: their AoE heals can get out of control very quickly. (When this fight is lost, 99% of the time it is because the DPS is not bursting down the Mystics.)

2.) The tank should try to position the boss away from the party whenever possible, causing his breath attacks to be cast away from the party. If this is not done, the rest of the party can have a hard time taking out the Mysitcs.

Additionally, this is a great fight to use the elixirs you may have piling up. Such buffs last for 60 minutes, enough time for at least 2 runs against Garrundar.

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