Fists of the Warband
Start Scout Gaelen
End Scout Gaelen
Level 16
Location Tower District, Orc Barracks (Instance)
Experience 1,000
Rewards 3Silver small icon 19Copper small icon; [Class Armor]; Radiant Enchantment, Rank 1

The orc battle plans indicate Lurg Bloodspear, Drogthu Elfeater, and Kragmar Deepscar are corrdinating the attacks in the Tower District from the Orc Barracks. They just made the hit list.


Enter the Orc Barracks in the Many-Arrows Camp and defeat Lurg Bloodspear, Drogthu Elfeater, and Kragmar Deepscar.


Scout Gaelen
The battle plans you found around the Many-Arrows Camp indicate many of the attacks are being coordinated by three warband leaders.

You need to enter the Orc Barracks and eliminate Lurg Bloodspear, Drogthu Elfeater, and Kragmar Deepscar.

The Orc Barracks are on the far side of the Many-Arrows Camp. Luckily, I scouted out an old secret passage nearby which you can take if you don't want to fight through the orcs to get to their stronghold.


  • Take Secret Passage to Orc Barracks
    • Go to Orc Barracks
  • Kill Warband Leaders
    • Lurg Bloodspear
    • Drogthu Elfeater
    • Kragmar Deepscar
  • Claim Reward from Chest
  • Return to Scout Gaelen


Scout Gaelen
Fine work, <name>! Defeating those warband leaders will hamper the orc advance considerably.


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