Fire Bugs
Start Gerad Kinesward
End Riftel Farsight
Level 11
Location Tower District
Experience 320
Rewards 97Copper small icon

Riftel Farsight lost some hard to acquire elemental weevils and sent her associate, Gerad Kinesward. But she's too scared to venture onto the battlefield.


  • Collect 6 Elemental Weevils from the Merchant Square in the Tower District.


Gerad Kinesward
My mistress sent me out here to gather up her lost specimens, but I've just discovered I have a terrible fear of getting killed by orcs! I think I'm safe here, but I dare not go out there.

I don't suppose you'd gather the specimens for me and take them to Riftel Farsight? She found these fiery bugs on the slopes of Mount Hotenow. She calls them her 'elemental weevils.' I'm sure she'll reward you for returning them.

Careful picking them up, though. They are hot.


  • Collect Elemental Weevils (6/6)
  • Speak to Riftel Farsight


Riftel Farsight
Oh, thank you for returning my elemental weevils! They were extremely difficult to procure, even moreso now that Hotenow's a volcanic ruin.

And don't worry about Gerad. She needs to learn to get herself out of difficult situations, and there's no teacher like experience.


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