Finding Honor
Start Sergeant Knox
End Sergeant Knox
Prerequisites None
Level 4
Location Protector's Enclave, Ruined Tunnels (Instance)
Experience 200
Rewards 84Copper small icon, Scavenger's Icon
The Theft of the Crown
The Trail of the Crown

The Crown of Neverwinter has been stolen and you've got word that the thief who took it, Honor Reigh, is hiding in some ruined tunnels. Find her and learn what she has done with the crown.


  • Interrogate the thief named Honor. She is hiding out in the ruined building across from the Driftwood Tavern in Protector's Enclave.


Sergeant Knox
The Nashers have stolen the Crown of Neverwinter from the vault, but we still have a chance to recover it. We just need to catch the two thieves who escaped, and trace where the Nashers are hiding Crown.

We know that one of thieves, a sly rogue called "Honor" Reigh, uses a ruined building near the Driftwood Tavern as her hideout. The Nashers will flee if they see me or my squad approach, but you might be able to corner here, and find out if Honor still has the Crown.


  • Go to Ruined Tunnels
  • Locate Honor
  • Defeat Honor
  • Get Information on the Theft
  • Collect Reward
  • Return to Sergeant Knox


Note in Honor's Pocket

That adventurer saw us in the vault. We can't stay in the Enclave. I'm going to sell off my share, then I'm heading to Blacklake. We should be safe with Karzov and his Nashers.

- Gothwan


Sergeant Knox
Gothwan went to Blacklake?

Hmm, that explains a lot.


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