Finder's Fee
Start Rus Ottley
End Ottley's Associate
Level 10
Location The Kobold-Infested Sewer (Instance)
Experience 285
Rewards 87Copper small icon

While investigating the theft of Grace Rathburn's Jewelry you find Rus Ottley injured in the sewers. He's willing to pay you to collect some scrolls stolen from his employer. Apparently these kobolds have been busy.


  • Recover 12 scrolls from the sewer.


Rus Ottley
Hello, friend!


Afraid you haven't caught me at my best. Stabbed, you see. Kobolds are nasty little buggers.

I represent one of Neverwinter's leading citizens. He discovered his place of business was burglarized during the night. The thieves made off with a little money and a lot of important business records.

I was offered a fee to recover the stolen scrolls. Since I'm not fond of human waste, nor of being stabbed, I am now offering you a portion of this fee. Once you've found the scrolls, take them to my associate. He's waiting for me just outside the sewer entrance.


  • Recover scrolls (12/12)
  • Talk to Ottley's associate near the bank


Ottley's Associate
You got the scrolls?

Good. Then I got your money.

Ottley's gonna pull through by the way, if'n you care. Kobold bugger popped one o' his lungs.



The scrolls can be obtained by defeating kobolds and at set locations so concurrently completing both this quest and Nest Egg is simple. Be careful in the sewer as there are well over a dozen traps hidden on the floor.

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