Fallen Tower Tavern
Fallen Tower Tavern Loading
Fallen Tower Tavern
Map Fallen Tower Tavern
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Vital statistics
Type Commons
Level NA
Location Tower District, Neverwinter
Inhabitants Folk

The Fallen Tower Tavern is a building in the Tower District. While the tower has collapsed, the ground floor is still intact and serves as a tavern. Inside both Neverwinterians and Orcs can be seen as customers, as the inn has been declared a neutral zone where both sides can have a drink in peace, despite their conflict. Outside, there is a Campfire and several NPCs.

The top of what remains of the tower can be accessed. From there, a spectacular view is granted on a magical effect from the Spellplague that still haunts the tower: spirits of the dead keep falling down its center. It is possible for the adventurer to fall down this hole as well, upon which they will find themselves in the basement of the tower, where ghosts of the fallen can be seen roaming the place, albeit peaceful. To get out of this place, talk to Archmage Ricven who stands in the center of the room.

Notable NPCsEdit


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