Evacuate Blacklake
Start Scout Stone
End Scout Stone
Prerequisites Human
Level 6
Location Blacklake District
Experience 96
Rewards 33Copper small icon

The Nasher Rebels have barricaded the doors of Blacklake citizens. Scout Stone wants you to remove them so they can be evacuated.


  • Rescue Neverwinter's Citizens from the Blacklake District.


Scout Stone
Hello there. Are you the one the higher ups sent to help me clean up this mess?

Well, let me fill you in: the situation in Blacklake is bad. These "Sons of Alagondar" have driven off most of the citizenry, but some refuse to leave their homes. The Nashers responded by boarding them up in there, robbing anyone in the street and setting fire to buildings. The first thing we're going to need to do is rescue any trapped citizens we can find.


  • Evacuate Citizens (4/4)
  • Return to Neverember's Scout in the Blacklake District


Scout Stone
You've done good work. Never let it be said that Lord Neverember cares nothing for the safe of Neverwinter's citizens!

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