Ethraniev Marrowslake
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Gender Female
Race Werewolf
Faction Grey Wolf Tribe
Location Grey Wolf Den

Ethraniev Marrowslake is the final boss in the Grey Wolf Den dungeon.


Ethraniev attacks with giant hands that she summons from the ground. The hands are most commonly placed on top of every party member, but sometimes she does a frontal cone hand.

The best strategy is to have 1 tank jump into the middle and tank the boss, while everyone else stays on the cliff above the main arena. While the boss will ping to the main party she will spend most of her time in the main area. This makes dodging hands much easier and allows plenty of time to focus down the adds.

Moves ListEdit

  • Shadowclysm - The most common attack raises a small AoE beneath each player and must be dodged at all costs. Deals ~9-13k Necrotic Damage
  • ??? - A frontal cone version of the shadowclysm hand. Deals ~3-6k Necrotic Damage.
  • Bite - His normal physical attack. Deals ~1-3k Melee Damage.
  • Sweep - A dash move where he leaps at a target player. Deals ~3-5k Melee Damage.

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