Start Harper Windle
End Harper Windle
Prerequisites Complete quest Wearers of Purple
Level needed
Location Neverdeath Graveyard
Experience 1,860
Rewards 7Silver small icon 98Copper small icon
Dragon Attack
The Emissary of the Dead
Enter the Dragons is a quest in the Neverdeath Graveyard district, started by talking to Harper Windle after having completed the quest, Wearers of Purple.


Harper Windle

The purple-clad intruders in Craftsman's Rest are well known to the Harpers. They are members of the Cult of the Dragon, a group dedicated to restoring control of the world to dragon overlords. Whatever brings them here, we can be certain that it bodes no good for Neverwinter.

The Cult of the Dragon does not usually operate so openly. Defeat them and search them for orders. If you can collect enough, I should be able to crack their code.


  • Start at: Harper Windle
  • Collect Cultist Orders (0/10)
  • Return to: Harper Windle

Returning to Harper WindleEdit

Harper Windle

Give me a second to examine this ...

Hmm. Interesting.


  • 1, 860 Experience Points
  • 7Silver small icon 98Copper small icon

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