Ending the Torture
Start Sergeant Creed
End Sergeant Creed
Level 10
Location Waukeen Way, Tower District
Experience 798
Rewards 2Silver small icon 57Copper small icon
Trouble in the Tower District
Lost Dispatch

Waukeen Way has plenty of orcs torturing the soldiers of the Neverwinter Guard. Sergeant Creed wants you to thin their numbers.


  • Kill 25 Orcs around Waukeen Way, the rise south of the Fallen Tower Tavern.


Sergeant Creed
The Many-Arrows orcs are known for their savagery and sadistic cruelty. We've had reports of orcs torturing our soldiers around Waukeen Way, on the rise south of the Fallen Tower Tavern. Thin out their numbers and return here. We must send a clear message to the orcs!


  • Kill 25 Orcs in Waukeen Way (25/25)
  • Return to Sergeant Creed


Sergeant Creed
Excellent work, <name>! The orcs will likely return to their evil ways, but we've thinned their numbers at least.


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