Driftwood Tavern
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Driftwood Tavern
Map Driftwood Tavern
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Vital statistics
Type Commons
Level NA
Location Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter
Inhabitants Folk

The Driftwood Tavern is a fine drinking establishment located in Protector's Enclave on Coriol Street near the city gate. It's proprietor is Madame Rosene who can often be found welcoming customers at the bar.

It features a Well-Informed Barmaid, a consumables merchant, and two hearths to warm your spirits. The Moonstone Mask may be the more decadent and famous tavern in Prootector's Enclave, but the Driftwood's ale casks are much larger!

There is also a bit of Protector's Enclave Lore found in the basement behind a cloth curtain labeled "Nashers: Don't Believe the Bull!"

Notable NPCsEdit


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