Kobold Dragonshield
"Why do they make me wear scale mail when I already have scales!"
Vital Statistics
Type Standard
Role Soldier
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Faction Kobolds
Location The Kobold-Infested Sewer (Instance)

Dragonshields are standard fighters encountered in The Kobold-Infested Sewers and other places. They are are simple melee fighters with no special powers or tactics.


Melee Attack
At-Will, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   35-55, Physical

Shield Bash
Encounter, Melee Attack, 1 Enemy
Damage:   70-80, Physical
Deploy Time:   1.5 Seconds
Cooldown Time:   10 Seconds
Effect:   Knockback, 10'
The kobold's shield glows as he pulls it back for a strong strike

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