Dragon Attack
Start Tristopher Chettlebell
End Tristopher Chettlebell
Level 27
Location Neverdeath Graveyard
Correcting History
Enter the Dragons

Dragon Attack is a quest in the Neverdeath Graveyard district, started by talking to Tristopher Chettlebell.


Tristopher Chettlebell

Good day! Tristopher Chettlebell, Neverwinter's preeminent historian at your service.

I am currently in the employ of Zami Monini -- of the Blacklake Moninis. Miss Monini hired me to perform research into her family's history. While we were inspecting the family crypts in Craftsman's Rest, we were set upon by uncouth hooligans in purple robes. I managed to escape, but Miss Monini was less fortunate.

No ransom demand has been put forth, so I fear for my employer -- and my income! You must rescue her!


  • Rescue Zami Monini


  • Start at: Tristopher Chettlebell
  • Go to The Monini Crypts
  • Find the Tunnel to the Monini Crypts
  • Enter the Tunnel
  • Fight through the Tunnel
  • Find the Main Monini Crypt
  • Enter the Crypt
  • Rescue Zami
  • Return to Chettlebell

Upon Rescuing ZamiEdit

Zami Monini


Thank you! Did Tristopher send you?

I'm not sure what the Cultists wanted with me. They kept me locked up in this dusty sarcophagus most of the time.

From what little I was able to overhear, it sounds as if they are searching for something that belonged to one of my ancestors, Romani Monini. I did hear them use the name "Azharzel" a number of times, if that means anything to you.

Well ... since you have dealt with the Cultist so efficiently, I believe I can find my own way home. Thank you again for rescuing me.

Returning to ChettlebellEdit

Tristopher Chettlebell

I am so relieved that my benefactor was retrieved unharmed!

Now I may continue my studies without the worries of financial insolvency.


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