Doomguide's Watch
Doomguide's Watch
Doomguide's Watch
Placeholder location
Vital statistics
Type allied encampment
Level 26 - 30
Location Neverdeath Graveyard
Inhabitants Captain Zemmer, Doomguide Volahk, Doomguide Orran, Harper Windle, Retrigal Bookbinder, Tristopher Chettlebell

Doomguide's Watch is the entrance area of Neverdeath Graveyard. It's also the Doomguide's and Acolytes of Kelemvor's encampmentl; and last line of defense keeping the undead from roaming the streets of Neverwinter.

All of the notable NPCs are located in this area. There is also a Bounty Master, Merchant, a Well-Informed Harper, and a Job Board.

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