Domination (PvP)
Start Sergeant Knox
End Domination Battlemaster
Prerequisites Level 10
Level 10
Location Protector's Enclave
Experience 57
Rewards 17Copper small icon


  • Visit the Domination Battlemaster in Protector's Enclave to explore PvP combat.


Sergeant Knox
The Domination Battlemaster controls access to the Player versus Player Arena of Neverwinter.

PvP allows you to queue up with friends to fight other players and prove who is the strongest.

Visit the Domination Battlemaster in Protector's Enclave to test your mettle in the bloodiest arena in all of the Forgotten Realms!


  • Visit the Domination Battlemaster (PvP).


Domination Battlemaster
Welcome, <name>! Another adventurer looking to prove your worth?

Being good against orcs is one thing. Being good against other adventurers, that's something else.

If you think you're ready to step up, and go toe-to-toe against others just like you, then it's time you tried the Arena!

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