Start Scout Stone
End Scout Stone
Prerequisites Human
Level 8
Location Blacklake District
Experience 220
Rewards 69Copper small icon

Scout Stone wants you to find a set of deeds stolen from Lord Neverember by a Nasher Rebel.


  • Track down the Nasher thief and recover the Stolen Deeds.


Scout Stone
Now that we've done some good for the people of Blacklake, there's a small problem we need to take care of. The Nashers have stolen a set of deeds that were in the possession of Lord Neverember. They were not legally obtained, so who knows what they plan to use them for. Personally, I'd rather not find out! The thief escaped to Blacklake District. Hunt the thief down and retrieve the deeds.


  • Recover the Stolen Deeds (1/1)
  • Return to Neverember's Scout


Scout Stone
Excellent! Now I can return to Neverwinter. My thanks.

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