Craftman's Rest
Craftman's Rest
Craftman's Rest seen through the Scrying Stone
Placeholder location
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Vital statistics
Type hostile (allied encampments)
Level 28 - 30
Location Neverdeath Graveyard
Inhabitants Hurlers, Minions, Initiate, Mercenary, Lackey, Huntmaster, Deathpledged Gnoll, others

Craftman's Rest is the eastern area of Neverdeath Graveyard. It has been invaded by the Cult of the Dragon cultists. These are mostly kobolds and gnolls, but a few humans have allied themselves with them.

Getting ThereEdit

This area is reached by first travelling to the start of the Neverdeath Graveyard zone. From Doomguide's Watch take road that runs east along the north wall.

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