Cornering Karzov
Start Zoey Fargo
End Sergeant Knox
Prerequisites None
Level 9
Location Blacklake District, Nasher Headquarters (Instance)
Experience 520
Rewards 1Silver small icon 55Copper small icon, Class Weapon
Close to the Crown
Nest Egg

Karzov is out of hiding places. This warehouse will be the final stand of the Nashers in Blacklake! Expect heavy resistance.


  • Attack Nasher Headquarters to defeat Karzov and recover the Crown of Neverwinter.


Zoey Fargo
Karzov will head for Nasher Headquarters, an old warehouse by the shore of the lake. According to Gothwan, that's where they're keeping the Crown as well. This is it! Time to put down the Nasher rebellion and recover the Crown.


  • Raid the Nasher Headquarters
    • Kill Karzov
  • Recover the Crown of Neverwinter
  • Take Your Reward!
  • Go to Protector's Enclave
  • Take the Crown to Sgt. Knox


Sergeant Knox
The Crown of Neverwinter is back in the vault, the Nasher Rebellion is over, and Karzov's many victims have some justice. I knew you were one to watch, but this? This is more than I could have dared hoped for.

To think I almost dismissed you that day on the Sleeping Dragon Bridge. I'm glad I didn't, and I'm glad you've come to Neverwinter. But it ain't over yet.


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