Start Captain Janros
End Captain Janros
Prerequisites Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter
Level 12
Location Merchant Square, Tower District
Experience 355
Rewards 1Silver small icon 7Copper small icon
Broken Barricades

Captain Janros is trying to contain the Many-Arrows to the Tower District, but there have been reports of undermining on the southwest wall. Go check it out.


  • Inspect the Southwest Wall of the Tower District on the south side of Merchant Square.


Captain Janros
At this point, our chief objective is to contain the orcs here in the Tower District and to prevent them from spreading further. We have people guarding the gates and manning the walls to ensure that the Many-Arrows can't move into any other districts in force.

Every so often, however, the orcs attempt to undermine or otherwise destroy the district walls. There have been reports of just such activity on the wall to the southwest. Go there and inspect it for signs of damage, then return here so I can assess whether an engineering crew will need to be sent.


  • Inspect the Southwest Wall
  • Return to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
Hmm. It sounds as if there is no major damage, but it will definitely be something that bears further observation.

I appreciate your efforts on this matter, Corporal. I have no further tasks for you in the context of your temporary position, but I hope you will lend the Guard your time again in the future.


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