Conquest for Gruumsh
Start Scout Gaelen
End Scout Gaelen
Level 15
Location Tower District
Experience 930
Rewards 2Silver small icon 91Copper small icon
Spying the Cloak Tower
Fists of the Warband

Scout Gaelen needs to gather and report as much intelligence on the enemy as possible. Their battle plans would be invaluable.


  • Gather 3 Battle Plans from around the main Many-Arrows Camp north of the Cloak Tower.


Scout Gaelen
The Many-Arrows Orcs are aggressively taking over this area of the city. In order to combat this thread we need to find out more of what they're planning. Head over to the main Many-Arrows Camp south of the Cloak Tower and gather whatever battle plans you can find.

Once you've found enough battle plans, it should give you a good idea about who to target next.


  • Gather 3 Battle Plans (3/3)
  • Return to Scout Gaelen


Scout Gaelen
Excellent work, <name>! Without those three war leaders Vansi will have a hard time pushing her offensive into the rest of Neverwinter.


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