Close to the Crown
Start Zoey Fargo
End Zoey Fargo
Prerequisites None
Level 6
Location Blacklake District, The Nasher Hideout (Instance)
Experience 380
Rewards 1Silver small icon 23Copper small icon, Adventurer's Knapsack
Nashing of Teeth
Cornering Karzov

Karzov has been tracked back to their hideout and with his reinforcements decimated now is the time to strike!


  • Raid the Nasher Safehouse in search of Karzov.


Zoey Fargo
The Nashers set fire to the safe house to cover their escape, but I didn't see Karzov leave. We might still have a chance to catch him here.

Oh, and I'm coming with you. Karzov put a bounty on my head and I want to pay him back in kind!


  • Go to The Nasher Hideout
  • Raid the Nasher Safehouse
  • Collect Your Reward
  • Escape the Fire
    • Go to Blacklake District
  • Speak to Zoey Fargo


Karzov's Elite Guard
Run, Karzov! We'll hold them off!


Zoey Fargo
Nine Hells! Karzov got away. But thanks to you, we have a pretty good idea where he's going. What's even better, he doesn't know that we know.


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