Chartilifax, The Green Dragon
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Location The Dread Vault

Chartilifax, the large green dragon is the last boss of the Lair of the Mad Dragon dungeon.

"Dragons once ruled the other races as the undisputed masters of the earth and sky. For millennia, they populated the Forgotten Realms, without ever meeting anyone who challenged them equally. Everything has an end, however, this ancient breed has since declined. Dragons of today are a shadow of their former glory, but are still among the most powerful creatures of Faerun. Only a fool or a hero would dare to challenge a dragon without companions."


  • Long ranged poison breath - Moderate damage.
  • Semi-flight Slam - Moderate to High damage.
  • Poison spit AOE - Moderate damage over time.
  • Dragon roar - 3 second stun.
  • Summons 4 Hellfire Devils - 70%
  • Summons Shocktrooper Devil - 30%
  • Summons several Imps every 30-40 seconds.


  • Daemonic Greatsword

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