Carloman Graver
Implement Trader - Carloman Graver
Vital Statistics
Title Implement Trader
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Enclave
Status Alive
Location Protector's Enclave

Carlo Graver is the NPC implement trader at the Seven Suns Coster Market in Protector's Enclave. He exchanges various implements for Devoted Clerics and Control Wizards for Astral Diamonds.


Like the other traders, Carloman's inventory never changes. He has two rare quality items for each equipment slot; one for level 35 and one for level 47.

Devoted ClericEdit

Holy Symbols

  • 21,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Symbol of Renewal
  • 57,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Symbol of Penitence


  • 21,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Icon of the Immortals
  • 57,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Icon of the Holy Defender

Control WizardEdit


  • 21,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Orb of the Storms
  • 57,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Orb of Enduring Magic


  • 21,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Confounded Talisman
  • 57,600 Astral Diamond Icon - Talisman of the Magi

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