The Broken Crown Inn is a tavern in the starting area of Blackdagger Ruins. It received its name from a former owner who was of Luskan descent and opposed the king. The tavern is currently owned by the dwarf Gorun Pricebreaker, who sells potions and kits inside. On the first floor there is a Campfire, Melkhor Goldseeker and a Harper agent next to a Job Board. Upstairs, a Mysterious Drow offering exclusive quests for the Menzoberranzan Renegade race. In the basement, an Acolyte of Kelemvor is performing a ritual over some deceased travelers. Behind a large barrel, there is a Thievery spot. Outside, there is another Campfire and a small encampment around it with a Seal Vendor, a Bounty Master, Spycatcher Westband, and Seven Toes.


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