Broken Barricades
Start Sergeant Creed
End Captain Janros
Prerequisites Guardian Fighter, Great Weapon Fighter
Level 11
Location Pedlars Path, Tower District
Experience 320
Rewards 97Copper small icon
Guardsman for a Day
Saving the Guards
Ending the Torture

As your first duty as a temprary member of the Neverwinter Guard, Sergeant Creed wants you to inspect the barricades in Pedlars Path.


  • Inspect the Barricades at the exits to Pedlars Path to prepare for future action in that area.


Sergeant Creed
All right, Corporal, you've proven yourself. The next task I have for you is less glamorous, but necessary.

When we first pulled out of Pedlars Path, we built barricades around that area's three exits. Unfortunately the orcs have advanced and those old barricades are now behind enemy lines. For our plans in Pedlars Path to work, we need to know the status of those barricades.

I want you to go to the three entrances to Pedlar's Path and inspect whatever remains of those barricards then report your findings to Captain Janros at the guard post to the east.


  • Inspect the Pedlar's Path Barricades (3/3)
  • Report to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
You're working with the Guard in one of our temporary corporal positions? Excellent. Your report on the barricades' status will be extremely helpful.


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