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Broken Arrow
Start Dell McCourt
End Private Hawthidon
Prerequisites Battlefield Triage
Level 2
Location Neverwinter Fields
Experience 5
Rewards 4Copper small icon
Battlefield Triage
Sleeping Dragon Bridge

Private Hawthidon's Archers need arrows to keep Valindra's Necromancers pinned down.


  • Collect Arrows from the battlefield.


Dell McCourt
I'm afraid I have a gruesome task for ye.

We've driven Valindra's main army off, but her Red Wizard allies are still harassing us with summoned undead.

Private Hawthidon is trying to drive them off with his archers, but they're short on ammo. Search the battlefield and scavenge some arrows from the dead, then take them to Hawthidon.


  • Collect Arrows (9/9)
  • Store Arrows in a Barrel
  • Talk to Private Hawthidon


Private Hawthidon
You found some ammunition? Excellent!

Please place the arrows in one of the barrels near the archers.


Private Hawthidon
Thank you for the help!

The Red Wizards haven't been driven away, but this will at least force them to keep their heads down!


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