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Bringing to Task
Start Captain Janros
End Captain Janros
Level 12
Location Tower District
Experience 923
Rewards 2Silver small icon 81Copper small icon
Sewer Crawl
Returning the Pain

Captain Janros thinks the Many-Arrows will be weakened by eliminating the Taskmasters. Let's see if this makes a dent in their attacks in the Tower District.


  • Kill 5 Orc Taskmasters around Merchant Square, the area south of the Neverwinter Guard Post.


Captain Janros
The Many-Arrows orcs have vicious warband leaders who whip them up into a frenzy to attack our people. If we take out these Orc Taskmasters, we can decrease the orc attacks in the area.


  • Kill 5 Orc Taskmasters (5/5)
  • Return to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
The orcs are still dangerous without their Taskmasters, but we've weakened them for the time being.


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