For Drow only. You receive a letter from The Bregan D'aerthe with the subject "House Xorlarrin". A mysterious drow will be standing by the corner of the first T intersection as you enter the Blacklake area.


Take out the Nasher Bodyguards in the Nasher meeting house.


Mysterious Drow -

I'll get right to the point. House Xorlarrin, one of the noble drow Houses, has apparently taken an interest in undermining the rebuilding of Neverwinter.

At the moment, a Xorlarrin spy is preparing a meeting with members of the Nasher rebels. Likely intending to provide the Nashers with magical equipment for use against the Neverwinter guard. I intend to disrupt this meeting and kill the Xorlarrin spy.

The meeting will take place shortly. Go to the Nasher meeting place and dispose of the guards there. I will replace them with my own men who can spring a surprise attack during the meeting.


160 Experience

55 Copper


Glad to see that you're reliable. I've got another task for you.

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