Blacklake Terror!
Blacklake Terror Loading
Blacklake Terror Skirmish
Map Blacklake Terror
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Vital statistics
Type Skirmish
Level 7-11
Location Blacklake District
Inhabitants Rotter, Hulk, Chosen of Ghaunadaur

A Priest of Ghaunadaur in Blacklake?! Their evil plan must be stopped!


  • Help Hazel Drive the undead off the beach and Defeat The Chosen of Ghaunadaur!


Journal Entry
Rally on Alchemist Hazel at the fountain, then use the barrels of Alchemist Fire to drive back the undead and defeat the Chosen of Ghaunadaur!


  • Help Hazel at the Fountain
  • Defeat Zombies
  • Defeat Reinforcements
  • Clear the Beach of Undead
  • Slay the Chosen of Ghaunadaur
  • Claim your Reward


Piniwin the Apprentice
A Chosen of Ghaunadaur is attacking Blacklake with his slimy monsters! You must help us fend him off!

1. What's going On here?
A strange drow calling himself the "Chosen of Ghaunadaur" showed up on the nearby shore and started summoning slime-covered creatures from the depths of the lake!

My master Hazel went to try and fight them off, but she could use your help!

2. How can I help?
Help Hazel fight back the undead creatures! If you destroy enough of them, the Chosen of Ghaunadaur will be angered into attacking you himself!

Hazel also set up barrels of Alchemist Fire on the edge of the lake. Light them us to set the undead aflame. But be careful - the fire spreads quickly and is very dangerous!

3. Who's Ghaunadaur?
Ghaunadaur is "That Which Lurks". He is an ancient evil god of oozes, slimes, and abominations, If one of his "chosen" is in Blacklake District, that certainly explains what happened to the place!

4. Don't worry, miss. We'll take care of this!


  • First Completion: 75 Astral Diamond Icon
  • Bound Lesser Scroll of Identification
  • 2Silver small icon 50Copper small icon


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