Assigning Blame
Start Cloaked Man
End Cloaked Man
Prerequisites Trickster Rogue
Level 8
Location Blacklake District
Experience 220
Rewards 69Copper small icon
Rebel Rousting

You receive a mysterious letter set to you from "A Friend" asking you to meet him in Blacklake District.


  • Locate the Dead Rats Message Drop and plant evidence in the Blacklake District.


Cloaked Man
This was once one of the most populous areas of Neverwinter City. Now, it's a lawless ruin plagued by Nashers and Dead Rats. My employer would like people to move back into the District, but for that to happen, we have to clean it up. In short, we have to get rid of the gangs.

Two gangs is a very easy problem to solve. Take this letter. I'm marking a spot on your map. Place the letter in this spot, and make sure there are no witnesses. When you've done that, come back to me and I'll give you further instructions.


  • Plant Evidence and Eliminate Witnesses
  • Return to the Cloaked Man


Cloaked Man
Good work. That letter should get the Dead Rats staring daggers at the Nashers. Our next step will be to get them doing more than staring. Stick with me, <name>, and you'll be both rich and powerful.


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